Fall Foliage

Fall Photoshoot Giveaway

Do you, or someone you know, deserve a fun & memorable photo session?

As we travel around the many neighborhoods within our greater CNY community, we find ourselves meeting some really incredible people, and we've had the pleasure of hearing some really amazing stories about the lives of our fellow CNYers. We're always welcomed with open arms wherever we go, and we continue to be grateful for each experience we have. So, this got us thinking, "How can we highlight and honor a person in our community, while having some fun at the same time?". And, this giveaway felt like the right fit! We're looking forward to teaming up with Casey McClean Photography and Jessica Johnson (Our Life on the Lake) to pamper, make memories, and have fun with a well-deserved member of our greater CNY community!

We don't have an exact match in mind when it comes to who a "well-deserved" person would be, because we've seen firsthand a million different ways people in our community demonstrate hard work, strength, compassion, kindness, etc. So, maybe you're a nurse who works tirelessly to help others, or you're a parent who's consumed by your responsibilities and you never have a moment to do anything for yourself? Maybe you're someone who dedicates your time and energy to be in the service of others by volunteering and/or making things for others, or you're just reuniting with family for the first time in decades? Maybe you're dedicating your life to helping an elderly or disabled member of your family? Whatever your story is, we are so interested in hearing your stories and honoring your journey!  

To enter, complete the "Photoshoot Giveaway Nomination Form" below and upload an image by
August 29, 2021 at 11:59 p.m.

Photoshoot Giveaway Nomination Form